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Agile Principles & Mindset

2-Day Training, Amsterdam, €1295

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From doing Agile to being Agile

This interactive 2-day training takes you right down to the roots of Agile. Instead of sweating over simple rules, we deep-dive into Agile Principles and Values and discover the roles Ownership, Collaboration and Innovation play in mindset and culture change. Our experiential sessions will equip you with enough tools and ideas to start embedding these intangibles into your organisation or team. The aim is to help you improve flexibility, teamwork, communication and customer value.


Agile Principles & Mindset

THU 19 SEP &

FRI 20 SEP 2019

Erik Klein Nagelvoort

& Kukka Ahti


Agile Principles & Mindset

THU 24 OCT &

FRI 25 OCT 2019

Erik Klein Nagelvoort

& Kukka Ahti



Kukka Ahti
Erik Klein Nagelvoort

Erik Klein Nagelvoort


As an enthusiastic early adopter and promoter of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, Erik brings an unusually creative perspective to system and process transformation. As an Agile coach and trainer, Erik is passionate about the cornerstones of Agile: collaboration, client focus and value delivery. Erik’s experience includes over 30 years in software development, in various industries and roles.


Kukka Ahti


Kukka approaches Agile from the business side: project and programme management, process design, strategy and change management. Kukka’s passion for Agile and her experience as an Agile coach and trainer make her highly skilled at bridging people and processes across domains. She has introduced Agile into non-IT teams and projects and worked as a Product Owner.

Why join?


Agile and Scrum are often hailed as the magic solution to anything from ailing teams and poor delivery to boosting innovation. But Scrum is not a silver bullet and simply “implementing Agile” seldom improves anything.


Therefore, an Agile mindset that embraces collaboration, customer focus and value creation can bring about sustainable organization-wide change and innovation. If you’re looking to go beyond just doing Scrum to being Agile this is the ideal training for you.


What you’ll learn:


– Deep, basic understanding of Agile Principles, Values, Mindset, Practices.
– Basic principles Scrum and Kanban.
– How to use Scrum and Kanban without losing agility.
– Overall understanding of the Agile landscape, with its plethora of implementation models.
– Getting a handle on complex projects.
– How to improve teamwork, communications and customer value.


Who should attend?


This training is ideal for absolute newcomers as well as manifesto-minded enthusiasts from all fields and sectors.



Are you with 3 or more participants of the same company? Let’s plan an In-House training that is completely customized to your team’s / organization’s needs. Contact us for more information about prices and possibilities.


Contact: info@smi.education or +31(0)202442327.


Training Location


Our training locations are at the TSH Collab Amsterdam City, Wibautstraat 131D, Amsterdam and the TSH Collab Amsterdam West, Jan van Galenstraat 335, Amsterdam.


If you would like to stay at the hotel of TSH Collab, please visit the website of TSH Collab Amsterdam for more information and bookings.