Toolboxes (work in progress)

We selected and categorised the most relevant tools and frameworks to unleash the creative and innovative power of managers, teams and organizations.

Business Agility

Tools and frameworks for agile, team-based projects.

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Innovation Management

Innovation frameworks and methodologies used by forefront startups, scale-ups and tech giants.

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Frameworks and tools to create self-managed team-based organizations.

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Design Thinking

Tools to discover valuable insights, and to advance your Design Thinking practice.

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Lean Six Sigma

Tools to eliminate process waste and maximize customer value.

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Team Development

Tools to collaborate as a team in a more efficiënt, productive and fun way.

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Training & Coaching

Register to an innovation training to learn how to implement these tools and frameworks to your day-to-day work. Take a look at the overview on the training page and pick the training program of your choice! Or download the Catalogue for 2019.

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